Jul 22



So while the hotel has an awesome pool it turns out it’s interwebs don’t work very well.  Thankfully the Irish bar along the road has very nice Guiness and free internet. We’ll  wait until we get home to upload more pictures, but here’s a nipple free picture of Duncan in the pool.       …

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Jul 12

Wedding updates

Several wedding information updates – The Transport post has been updated with a list of people is and times. The Evening reception post has been updated with a few changed details – we now have a DJ from 7.30 I have also put up the details for the drinks and canape’s reception at Smithills Hall …

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May 17

Diablo III, Torchlight 2 and the Grim Dawn Kickstarter.

I have to say that after all of the reports of people having to wait online in server queues to play single player for Diablo III I am so glad that I did not waste my money on a pre-order. DRM that punishes your paying customers is so very not cool Blizzard. Looks like I …

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May 16

Time for an update.

Eeek, over three weeks since I last posted so here’s a small update. Wedding preperations are taking over, less than two months to go – why am I starting to feel panicky about this? It’s silly, I mean – we have been living together for sixteen years for goodness sake. I have also added a …

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Apr 20

Mastermix Mashup – Beyonce vs Jackie Wilson.

We found this video today. Beyonce shaking it with the lyrics from Single Ladies to the music from Jackie Wilson’s Reet Petite , the Mash Up was done by John Faulkner. How could I not have known until now how well those two would go together, and after ten months on YouTube why does this …

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Apr 19

Wings of Dream

I don’t play Starcraft 2, it’s style of play has never really grabbed me, but this Starcraft video called Wings of Dream uploaded to gamecreds.com is worth watching for the amazing title sequence alone. Stunning work, kudo’s go to it’s director/editor Coyote. (Click on the post title above to view the video)

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Apr 15

Wasteland 2 Kickstarter in it’s last 37 hours

Only 37 hours left at the time of writing this post before the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter comes to an end.  Can they beat the Double Fine Adventure’s record of $3.3 million?  The project is currently sitting at just over $2.6 million so it might be a stretch.  Pledges are speeding right now though as InXile …

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Apr 12

Dredmor reaches 1000hrs


1000hrs playtime, guess I really enjoy this game huh?   In all honesty at least a third of that time is probably from me having the game minimised while I am doing other stuff.  Dungeons of Dredmor is so easy to dip in and out of.  Still it’s fairly impressive that it’s managing to beat …

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Apr 11

Jernau & Kiya on their way back from Subways….

  Here’s the promised blog post hon *evil grin* So we were walking back from Subways when we decided to stop at our corner shop for some drinks on the way home.  We paid for a couple of 2 litre bottles and were given one of those cheap plastic bags to carry them in.  Jernau …

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Apr 10



I’ve been wanting to get a blog sorted for a while now, but kept procrastinating.  Sorting out the wedding stuff finally pushed me to do something about it. This is just going to be a place for me to post my thoughts, and apart from the information related to our wedding that will be going …

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